miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

For you, as always.

All the things I tell you, I know you care. How much do you do? All the things I tell you, you seem to listen well. All the things you heard, are you my real friend? All the things I can't stop, would you stop for me? All the things you say to me...You know we share something, that turns to everything. And all the symphonies I want to write belong to your imagination. All the sights I can ever see only limits to picture every pair of eyes that are similar to yours. Brown-eyed human being, always catching my words, to just turn them into a beauty. You're the tall one, the creepy one, the weird one. Different from me in every side. Outside, obviously, and Inside too. I love to see you there...on the line. All the time. All the faces I can ever fall into love with, have your face. You never realised, you always sail away. And tell me if I can help, anytime. I don't care, 'cause what I care for...is you.

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