jueves, 8 de enero de 2009


Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was pretty short, and very beautiful. Her eyes were brown, her hair was blonde and her nose was small.

One day, in which the sun had been working all day, the lovely moon came and found her hesitating. "Should I? Shouldn't I? What should I?", she wondered. She looked for some help, and asked grown people what she should do, but as we all know, grown people never understand that well, so the girl just kept on hesitating, she got no help at all. At the end of the day, she decided that it was too late, perhaps she could try in the morning. She wasn't ready.

Now the lazy sun is here. Sarah cries 'cause she has tried, and she didn't like it. It's so serious that she'd just love to be dead right now. She looked in the mirror. No, she didn't like it. She discovered that she's not that beautiful, not that sweet, not that girly, not that girl. I DISCOVERED THAT, AND IT HURT, AND IT SCARED ME.

But now I'm fine, I know who I am, and I even like it. =)

2 pensantes:

Soophiee dijo...

waaa entendi absolutamente todo (?)(?) poco mentirosa era ella jajaja
bue Sof yankiii jaja....nada siempre me pasooo :)

besotes te qqieroo mi cantante de banda :9 jojo vamos con la banda de las chicas superpoderosas jajaja

me voiiii



isu dijo...

estoy viendo un par de blogs
todos re lindos:)
si qeres ponete en mis seguidores, yo en los tuyos asi nos firmamos siempre!!!
un besito:)